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Sliced Sandwich Breads

Great Seed

Crunchy crazy good!

Chia, Hemp, Poppy, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax, local honey all under 1 gr. of sugar, what is not to love?

Farmhouse White

An american staple, simply good. Light and fluffy.

The perfect canvas for your culinary sandwich creations, so buttery tasting yet Fat Free!

7 Organic Grains & Whole Wheat

the best birdseed bread ever!

Scrumptious mix of organic grains and seeds mix, organic bread flour and organic whole wheat flour, with a hint of local wildflower honey. Delicious!

Fat free.

Wildflower Honey Wheat

A local classic

Organic Whole Wheat and a hint of Hungry Hill Wildflower Honey, perfect for breakfast, lunch, toast, just about anyway you want it!

Fat free.

Italian Farmhouse

Mamma mia!

Makes the most scrumptious toasts, simple good ingredients mixed with care and slowly fermented for an oustanding taste. Fat free.

Sprouted Wheat

Organic Wheat Flour and Sprouted Grains Flour, a winner combination

Organic bread flour, mixed with organic sprouted whole wheat, sweetened with organic blue agave, delicious and good for you, no guilt!

Fat free, Vegan.

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Marble Rye

As delicious as it is beautiful

Organic Rye, Molasses, a hint of cocoa, deep flavor in an all natural swirly wonder.


Kids favorite!

Milk, butter,  organic oats, a hint of brown sugar, how can you go wrong with that!

Blue Ridge Sourdough

Our best kept secret

We started our levain 8 years ago and have preserve it with lots of love and care to create this flavorful bread. Perfectly balanced, with a touch of organic whole rye. Grilled cheese anyone?

Cinnamon Raisin

French toast ready

Dark Raisins, Cinnamon, brown sugar, the perfect treat bread

Jalapeno Polenta

Ay Caramba!

Homemade pickled Jalapeno peppers and onions, organic corn flour, a touch of olive oil... a golden wonder


An heirloom favorite in a sandwich bread loaf

Fresh eggs and a hint of sugar and freshly milled wheat flour form this light bread that is full of flavor, melts in your mouth and steals your heart.

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