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European  Style loaves


Traditional french recipe

So flavorful, light, crispy and edible! You will be amazed on the wonderful sandwiches you can make with this beauty! Great for cheese plates, crostini, or just tear and eat it! Fat Free


an Italian classic made the old fashion way

Simple but carefully selected ingredients and a slow fermenting process give this flat bread a singular and complex flavor and texture. Great for dipping, bruschetta, sandwiches, garlic bread or just tear and enjoy.

Fat free.


the real deal

Slow fermented to perfection and generously brushed with EVOO makes of this traditional italian flat bread the best choice for paninnis. Available in 1/2 and Full sheet, with or without herbs. Special order.

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French Country Bread

Amazing flavor

Heirloom french bread formula. Simple good ingredients, amazing flavor. Beautiful structure, nice open crumb. Great for panninis, french toast, bruschetta, Texas toast, you name it. Fat Free.


An heirloom classic loaf

Fresh eggs and a hint of sugar and freshly milled wheat flour form this light bread,  that is full of flavor, melts in your mouth and steals your heart.

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